Safran – Edles Gewürz aus Afghanistan: Safranfäden der Spitzenqualität im Aromabeutel vom Saffron Collective


The “red gold”

Have you ever heard of the “King of Spices” or the “Red Gold”? If so, then you know that we are talking about saffron. In search of high quality saffron, our trip took us to Afghanistan, more precisely to the Herat province. One of the most fertile growing areas for saffron in the world is said to be here.

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  • High quality saffron spice in the form of premium quality saffron threads (Category I – ISO 3632-2)
  • Tested by German laboratories, without the addition of flavor enhancers and artificial aromas, free of colorings, lactose and gluten free, 100% natural and pure;
  • Saffron is a versatile food for a healthy diet: ideal as a spice for rice dishes (e.g. paella, risotto and Persian rice), for fish and meat marinade, as saffron tea or that special note in baking and for golden milk;
  • Crocin value (color): 191 – Safranal (aroma): 45 – Picrocrocin (bitterness) 80 Our saffron is characterized by a special deep red color, a unique aroma and long threads; Light and moisture-proof aroma bags with pressure lock;

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